Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Talgarth Asylum page has new photos

A quick heads-up that I have added a bunch of photos from a second visit to Talgarth Asylum on it’s existing page. Click here to visit it!

Drift mine at risca

A report here from an old visit to a coal mine near Risca.

Moseley green tunnel

Last one of the day, phew! Moseley green was a great little tunnel we visited deep in the forest of dean. Here is the report.

Purton tunnel

A long time ago now, we visited what should properly be called the Severn Railway Bridge Tunnel, near to Purton village. Click here for the report. Incidentally, on the other side of the river Severn is another village, due east of Purton, that is called… Purton. How confusing.

Pencaedrain tunnel at Rhigos visited

I can’t believe how long it’s been since anything new went up on the site. Not that we haven’t been to plenty of places, but what with moving house and all, I just haven’t made time for it. Anyway, thanks to all those who have shown an interest in the site and who have come back every now and again to see what’s new. I finally have something for you – a report and gallery from Pencaedrain tunnel, visited yesterday. Click here to go to the page.