Monthly Archive for September, 2009

Llangatwg quarry page also fixed

What’s going on I do not know, but my older pages seem to be crumbling!  Llangatwg quarry on Mynydd pen cyrn page is now ship-shape again.

Pen y Fan and Sugarloaf pages fixed

Upon checking my two most viewed peak pages today I discovered them to be in a right state.  Don’t know what had happened to mess them up so much but the good news is they are fixed now and all the pictures are available again.  The Pen y Fan page can be found here. The Sugarloaf page can be found here.

Ballingham tunnel with Fawley viaduct thrown in for good measure

An outing a few weekends ago saw us trying (in vain, mostly) to visit the many features left behind from the old Wye Valley railway.  Fortunately, the biggest structure on the line, Ballingham tunnel, was easy enough to get into, and a new page on it is available here.

Fan Fawr

I’ve finally got up Fan Fawr, here’s the page.

Waun Rydd page fixed

Today I chanced upon an error on my Waun Rydd page which meant none of the pictures could be enlarged.  It’s fixed now, so if you’ve ever been to the page before and experienced crushing disappointment because of this, have another go! (I’d spelt Rydd as Rhydd in all of my links….)

BlackMountainSite, now with added forum!

We finally have a forum up and running for the site, allowing people to discuss and swap info on mountains, tunnels, or whatever takes their fancy.  It’s at now, so why not register now (don’t worry it’s very quick and uninvasive) and start sharing your thoughts!

Usk tunnel

Hi all, I have done a quick report today on Usk tunnel, here…