Monthly Archive for September, 2008

Craig Cerrig Gleisiad

Craig Cerrig Gleisiad now has its own page. More photos have been added! [Updated 01/12/2008]

Abernant tunnel

Abernant Tunnel now has its own page, with extra photos and a map! [Updated 01/12/2008]

What’s going on here anyway?

Okay okay, perhaps I should quickly explain what the eventual purpose of this sit is.  The Black Mountains are a range in southern Wales.  They encompass the peaks of the Brecon Beacons, including the highest mountain in southern Britain, Pen y fan.  I think the Black Mountains are very beautiful, rugged and awesome, with deep glacial valleys and plunging waterfalls, windswept rocky summits and in many places the forgotten remnants of heavy industry from Wales’ coal-mining heyday.

So I thought, why not share my experiences with any who would show an interest, and perhaps build a website with plenty of info, maps and photos of the mountains.  I’ll arrange it peak by peak, a page for each mountain that I visit (this gives me an excuse to climb them all).

Once the sites up and properly running, anyone who’d like to suggest a mountain for me to climb is welcome to do so, and this way I can build my database of peaks up to be fully comprehensive.

Wish me luck though, not with the mountain climbing but with the website building because at this, I am clearly an amateur.

Learning CSS

Made some progress today on getting the site looking how I want it,  as axemans been teaching me the basics of CSS…  quite difficult to get your head round but it looks like it’s a powerful tool to know once you’ve mastered it.  CSS, for those who are unfamiliar (like I was 2 days ago) is a web page styling language.  Note the pleasant yellow colour of the title of this post, this is about the sum total of my CSS mastery at the moment, but I’ll get there.

Other than that…  went to Cardiff yesterday to take some snaps of the wier in Bute park as the river Taf’s in full flood with all this rain we’re having, will get the pics up on the site as soon as I know how.

1st Post!

Argh, axeman’s set me up with some webspace! Now I need to learn how to do the internet and get this black-mountain-ball rolling.  Thanks axeman, owe you one.